Praying for Co-Laborers

It is our prayer that the Lord would unite His people to fulfill The Great Commission. We are much stronger together than we are apart, which is why we want to join with others as the Lord presents opportunities. That said the following are some simple ways we can come together for the sake of The Gospel.


Join with us in praying for the This Generation that they would experience and reflect the Love and Life of Jesus. Pray for wisdom, strength and courage for our team as we continue to press forward in His calling and proclaim the life changing truth of The Gospel.


The Lord has been gracious over the years and provided our team with what we need to cover our basic expenses through Lovin Life products and conferences. That said, to increase our impact with things like mentoring programs and eventually a training center will require additional finances. We would be honored if you decide to partner with us in this way, just click the donate link below to find out more information.


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