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Lovin Life Classics

This is a list of always available, time-tested message series that we know will be meaningful and impactful to your youth.

dumpster diver

the cause


love god, love others

Annual Content (16'-17')

Every year our team prayerfully develops a new set of messages and content that inspire and engage students in their ever changing world and context.


i Am (Coming soon!)

Leader Training

We are just as passionate about encouraging and training your leaders and volunteers as we are the students. If time allows we can add a separate leader or breakout sessions to most events.  Click Here to learn about this content.

Custom Content

After more than a decade of doing this we have found that with a little tailoring most events can be well supported by either a Lovin Life Classic or Annual message series. That said we always want to be open to unique situations or how God's Spirit might be leading and can develop special content where it makes sense.