My name is Mac and I had the privilege of leading someone to Christ! Here is the story.

Well first off I'm homeschooled. But I'm a varsity wrestler at my local high - school in Gig Harbor, WA. So our youth group started a thing where we give out a "lifebook". It basically lays out the gospel of John and gives them an opportunity to give their life to Christ at the end. So here it goes.

It was about an hour before practice started and one of the heaviest guys (Joey) on our team came up to me and asked me if he could borrow my deodorant. I replied, "Sure, but only if you take this book too". He took it and started to mock it saying how this is a "Come to Jesus moment". So that started a conversation. So then we were having a discussion and then the whole entire rest of the wrestling team comes over to see what we"re talking about and they ask me what I gave to Joey. And I replied that it was a lifebook and they started asking questions. So then I tore open my bag and gave out 10 lifebooks to the wrestlers that wanted them. Many started mocking them and pretending to be a black preacher and that kinda stuff. They eventually opened them and started flipping through them and one of the wrestlers asked me what the Gospel was. So I layed it out for them! God. Our. Sins. Paying. Everyone. LIFE. (Except I elaborated on each point like you taught us). Some thought it was really cool and others thought it was stupid.

The next day one of the wrestlers, (Cory) I gave a book to, came up to me and told me he accepted Christ and is going to trust God in whatever happens in this life. I literally yelled and started jumping up and down. It was such an exciting moment. Everyone on the team knows that he became a christian too. So I told the GOSPEL to the whole team and one accepted it into his Life! He's going to start coming to my youth group as well.  It was such and amazing experience and I thank God every second for it!