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Zane is passionate about the new life and purpose that he has found with Jesus, and sharing it with teenagers across the nation.  It wasn’t until after high school that Zane discovered following Jesus is the greatest adventure in life. Zane has a unique way of relating to students about the struggles they’re going through and shows them the freedom they can have in Christ.



Thylin Carlstedt

Raised by a single 16 year old mom in small town Iowa, Thylin soon found himself living a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. He ended up failing out of high school and having run ins with the law. It was when a small town pastor and family began to reach out into Thylin's life that everything changed. That family invited Thylin to live in their home, and he eventually married the Pastors daughter. Thylin's story is a story of redemption, and God's relentless pursuit of those He loves. Thylin has since graduated from Crown College (CMA) with a degree in Youth Ministry, and he has served faithfully at his local church for the last 10 years volunteering on the youth team. Click Here for more from Thylin

Aaron Bardon

(a.k.a chimpo)

Aaron, also known as Chimpo, is a full of life youth director in Camano Island, Washington and works alongside the wonderful staff at Camano Chapel. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Aaron & Zane have been good friends since 2006, enjoying their two passions: board sports and learning/sharing about Jesus. Aaron attended Timberline Lodge Bible School and received his Bachelors in Youth Ministry from Colorado Christian University. He loves sharing candidly and honestly about Gods amazing love for all creation.