We want to see people experience the fullness of Life found in Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known.


It is our heart to come alongside you and provide engaging and informative Gospel centered presentations and experiences for the youth in your church & community. Youth today are bombarded with more information, temptations, and distractions than any other time in human history. It is our desire to provide an environment where they can unplug from that and encounter the only thing that can truly bring life: Jesus. This is the focus of any event we do, as we try and stay away from secondary doctrinal issues and simply call students to a Lovin relationship with the Author of Life!


Every year our team prayerfully develops a new set of messages and content that inspire and engage students in their context without compromising Biblical Truth, which we believe has the power to set people free! Checkout the different message series we are currently offering under "Content", which we can tailor to your event. We also offer leader training sessions upon request. 


We want to be real clear - WE DO NOT BASE OUR DECISION ON MONEY! Our team prays about every opportunity and we look forward to the possibility of partnering with you and serving you at your upcoming event! If you are interested please fill out our request speaker form and we will try and support you as best we can.


To request a Lovin Life Speaker at your next event just follow this simple 3 step process:

  1. Checkout our Content.
  2. Review our Speakers & Schedule.
  3. Submit your Request Speaker form.

We will try and get back to you shortly and regardless of whether or not we can attend, it is our hope and prayer that people are impacted with the Love & Life of Jesus in your church and community!